Obsessed with Finding a Better Way

…Because we have the knowledge.

…Because we are driven by execution.

…Because we are obsessed with creating solutions for our clients.

It’s why we’ve created our own technology platform to support the growth of our business and the needs of our clients. Introducing ATLAS, the most technologically advanced title and settlement system ever developed. ATLAS is a comprehensive solution providing Title Source with a fully customized solution to meet the specific and individual needs of our clients. ATLAS will replace all of our legacy systems. ATLAS will support order entry, partner management, title production, escrow and post escrow functionality. ATLAS will work seamlessly with our website, allowing clients to collaborate with us in ways we’ve only imagined until now!

These are just some of the advantages ATLAS provides:

  • Innovative: ATLAS is built on the latest Microsoft .NET 4.5 platform with an advanced user interface using Windows Presentation Foundation (among other upgrades, this can mean faster startup time and improved performance).
  • Communicative: ATLAS supports full integrations with various Loan Origination, Banking and BPO Partner and Partner Order Management systems.
  • Intuitive: ATLAS will manage client preferences, order prioritizations, team workflows and will create a level of automation that will improve efficiencies and service standards.
  • Informative: ATLAS supports title, recording and settlement fee calculations, allowing clients to receive accurate and regulatory compliant fee estimates via web, email, fax or phone. ATLAS also integrates these calculations seamlessly to the transactional record and all associated documents. Meaning, a change in loan will automatically update the title premium, recording fees and any other associated fees automatically!
  • Exclusive: Because this technology belongs to Title Source, we can design and build customized solutions to improve our workflow and enhance our client experiences.